• 109mm RAW Hemp Pre-Roll - Bubba
  • 109mm RAW Hemp Pre-Roll - Jack Frost
  • 109mm RAW Hemp Pre-Roll - OG Legendary
  • 109mm RAW Hemp Pre-Roll - Lifter
  • 109mm RAW Hemp Pre-Roll - Sour Space Candy

109mm RAW Hemp Pre-Roll


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109mm RAW Hemp – Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is an aromatic hybrid of Sour Tsunami and ERB. Its unique otherworldly aromas are magnificently distinct. The distinctly layered flavor profile is comprised of sour citrus rind, sweet cream, and an earthy undertone with a hint of lemon aftertaste.


12.9% CBD , <0.3 THC



109mm RAW Hemp – OG Legendary

OG Legendary is an indicia-hybrid dominant that can put you in a relaxation you’ll never be able to forget. This popular flower strain is known for its relaxation and euphoria effects. The overall quality of the nugs brings a citrus and peppery smell.


19.96% CBD <0.3 THC


citrus, herbal, peppery

109mm RAW Hemp – Lifter
This very popular and extremely potent, trichome covered, and beautiful smell aroma. Lifter has a strong smell of skunky berries that when cracked open reveal a hybrid funk aroma. The taste can be described as smooth, light, and earthy.


Potency: 13.94% , <0.3 THC



109mm RAW Hemp – Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has been known to gained notoriety in the US and beyond for its heavy tranquilizing effects.


9.6 % ( High Profile ) + – <0.3 THC



109MM RAW Hemp – Jack Frost High CBG

This name has been respectfully created as you can see the frosty trichomes that contain purely CBG along with small amounts of CBC and almost no THC. CBG is the parent molecule of the THC and CBD. The popularity of CBG exploded due to enormous therapeutic promises.


13.94% CBG, indoor-grown, Total Cannabinoids 13.59% and 0.00% Delta-9 THC


Jack Frost has a citrusy and hoppy aroma w/ hints of chamomile and piney fresh mountain air.

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Bubba, Jack Frost, Lifter, OG Legendary, Sour Space Candy


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