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3.5G, 7G

Don’t let the name fool you because our Cheesecake OG packs a punch!

Cheesecake OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that can give you the deep feeling of
mellowness that so many of us crave after a particularly tiring day. CBD Farmhouse has
taken this iconic strain and created the perfect loose buds for all of your hemp-related
needs. Available in an airtight container to seal in the freshness of the flavor and the
compounds themselves, our Cheesecake OG flower is rich in a variety of popular
terpenes, while it’s infused with delta 8 distillate which has been added using advanced
infusion techniques that yield one of the most consistent and clean products on the
market. Each puff supplies you with a naturally full spectrum hemp experience while you
get to enjoy a psychoactive buzz from the delta 8 itself. Meanwhile, the flower contains
below the legal limit of delta 9 THC so that you can enjoy it responsibly.
Cheesecake OG has a cheesy and creamy flavor and aroma that makes it a standout
among the various strains that are out there. We work closely with the best farmers in
America to deliver top-shelf buds that can be smoked, vaped, or used to make edibles at


Delta 8 – 4.8 %
CBD – 5%



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3.5 grams, 7 grams


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